City Council 12/4

Possibly the shortest City Council meeting ever. I arrived five minutes late and Public Recognition had just begun. Sonny Wheeler reported that the Bremerton Gardening Club had given $3,000.00 to Parks to purchase and maintain the hanging baskets of petunias (Pacific, Callow, etc.) Parks Director Jeff Elevado thanked the Gardening Club. Next, Jerry McDonald (sp?) took the podium to address Councilor Richard Huddy’s censure in December 2018. Mr McDonald disagreed with the testimony used at that meeting; specifically, he stated that one of the young women who charged Huddy with inappropriate behavior was not even on the scene at the time. Mr McDonald’s remarks were greeted with silence. Finally, Council President Younger invited one of the high-school civics students in attendance to address the meeting. The senior class member, Mr DeJesus (sp?), explained that their class required them to analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of Council meetings.

The Consent Agenda, of checks paid, 11/20 minutes, and the appointment of Eric Burris as Wastewater Manager, passed unanimously and without discussion. There was no General Business.

Council Member Reports were equally brief. Holiday wishes from all, announcements of:
The new East Bremerton Transit Center by Councilor Daugs,
Winter Fest 12/6 in Manette 5-8 with Tree Lighting by Councilor Gorman,
Kitsap County Human Rights annual Conference on 12/6, 8-4, Olympic College by Councilor Wheat,
12/6-12/7 Downtown Winter Fest / First Friday (tree lighting 12/7 @ 5:30) by Councilor Goodnow, who added that Brian Stokes Mitchell, Broadway star, would headline a benefit for the Roxy on 12/7.
Finally, Councilor Huddy noted that he had shown 900 slides during his term, and delivered commentary on a select 27 of them to mark his penultimate Council Member Report.

The Council went into executive session, at which no action was anticipated, at 6:02, before formally adjourning.

See you all next week,

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