Upcoming Events

30 Jan, all-day Council retreat to set 2021 goals and priorities; your input sought. 27 Jan, ADU review.

30 Jan the Council has its annual retreat, where they set goals, priorities for the coming year. To weigh in on your aims for 2021, contact your Councilor (City.Council@ci.bremerton.wa.us) beforehand, and get the Zoom link. These are times when good government not only matters, it has a real shot at succeeding. Attend the meeting if you can — I’ll post to this blog, live, when certain topics come up, so you can see what your representatives are up to. Or you can reach me at Mockler4Bremerton6@riseup.net for alternate arrangements. NB: There’s no opportunity for input, but Councilors know when eyes are upon them.

27 Jan: One small upside to Covid is that when important meetings come up in winter, you don’t have to travel to them. It’s a small upside, yeah. Here’s another meeting you can attend in slippers and sweats: 27 Jan the Council will be reviewing 2 ADUs per lot, which was taken out for review when many, many people objected to it. This is the review. Probably your last time to offer meaningful input.

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    • Hi Matthew. I hadn’t realized that you had commented. Apparently wordpress puts comments into a holding pen until they’re approved. The thing is, I won’t approve comments that make personal attacks on me or on any public servant. Can you reframe your comments so they’re more objective? Disagreement is fine, incivility not


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