City Council 3 Feb 2021

“Covid-19 … has contributed to the death of several people.” per Councilor Simpson. Schoolkids are out on the streets again, be careful driving, per Councilor Daugs. Bremerton Airport shortlisted as regional hub; we are the 9th-ranked arts-vibrant mid-sized area and 39th most affordable beach town in the USA. At 22 minutes, this was a bite-sized meeting.

CITY COUNCIL Virtual/Live Stream MEETING MINUTES by Anna Mockler  (the 22-minute meeting!)


Gorman: Please wear masks, wash your hands frequently, maintain social distance, and please — be kind to each other. For latest guidance, visit or


A. Claims & Check Register

B. Minutes of Meeting – January 20, 2021

C. Minutes of Study Session – January 27, 2021

D. Minutes of Joint Planning Session – January 30, 2021

E. Public Works Agreement with Pipeline Video Inspection LLC dba AIMS Companies for Burwell/Warren Sewer Pipe Cleaning and Video Inspection

F. Five-Year Contract Extension Addendum to Maintenance Agreement with Otis Elevator Company for Elevator Service, Maintenance and Monitoring

The Consent Agenda was passed 6-0 (Councilor Sullivan was absent); no member of the public chose to comment.

3. GENERAL BUSINESS – There are no General Business items tonight…


Bremerton Airport is on the shortlist for consideration as a supplemental hub to SeaTac, decision to come Jan 1, 2022. Mayor asks all to keep an open mind, will bring jobs and tourism, easier to get around our community without facing or adding to the congestion on our roads. SmartAsset has chosen Bremerton as the 39th most affordable beach town in America. (I find this very odd. Where are our beaches? There’s a couple hundred square feet in the pocket park off Anderson Cove. There’s the boardwalk and fountain area down by the ferry terminal, but that is not a beach. There is a boat launch and a rocky shoreline at Evergreen Park. Etc. It would never have occurred to me to call Bremerton a beach town. Ocean Shores, yes. Here, no. But okay, by SmartAsset we’re a beach town.) Bremerton is also 9th ranked in “arts-vibrant mid-sized area.” (I would very much like to see the definitions on that one.) Mayor waxes poetic about the beauty around us, as every one of us does that from time to time. Mayor also echoes Gorman’s call for kindness, we will sort out our differences after we get through this. Right now, we have to pull together, follow CDC and KPHD guidelines. We can return to our political differences once we’ve seen each other through this pandemic.


Anna Mockler asks the Council to begin each general meeting with an update on the Covid situation, as she has done for the fifth time. She also urges people to contribute to their local food banks, as people are really suffering hunger.


Daugs: Audit Committee yesterday, to be discussed during next study session. Pre-K and grades 1-2 coming back to school — please be careful driving.

Wheat: February is Black History Month, encourages everyone to read something about racial justice; her book group, Btown Bookers, open to all, is reading Bryan Stevenson’s “Just Mercy”. Expresses holiday wishes for Groundhog Day past and Valentine’s Day coming up. Goodnow: Please be patient and kind with each other so we can open up soon.

Simpson: Thinks Mayor’s on the right track with the airport. Our city has amazing things to offer. Talks about the Japanese holiday Setsuban where people playfully “exorcise demons” by tossing oiled soybeans at each other, so wishes everyone happy Setsuban. “Covid 19 is a. virus. It’s out there. It has contributed to the death of several people. We have seen over 50-some people that have been killed in relation to Covid-19. Stay safe. Wash your hands. Do the things you need to do to feel safe. Wear your mask because hey, that’s a good thing for you to do. But remember, you are a free people. You should be convinced, dictated to. There is no consensus in the medical community right now about how lockdowns affect people. There are 35,000 medical professionals that have signed on to a petition, right now, that say that lockdowns have zero effect, medically. That it does not cure diseases, all it does is extend our misery. We should be talking to our elected officials and demanding that the lockdowns end immediately. To those that are at much higher risk from this disease, please do the things that help keep them safe. But the lockdowns for the 99.9% of us don’t do any good. We can do the things ourselves that keep us [garbled], like immunization clinics. That’s great. That will help keep us from having to go through this ever again.” He continues by talking, once more, about the unfairness of the regional treatment by WA-DOH, why is King County allowed to move to Phase 2 when we’re “much further along than they are. We’re a much more rural region than King County, and our population hasn’t been affected nearly as bad”.

Younger: No report, thanks.

Gorman: Council Retreat, a 6-hour Zoom meeting, came up with an excellent product, he thanks the Council, the Mayor, and all the staffers.

7. ADJOURNMENT OF CITY COUNCIL BUSINESS MEETING and so the long ordeal (NOT!) came to a close.

Link to BKAT video of Public Meetings (1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month):

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