City Council 10 Feb 2021

Though we’ve had almost zero liability claims, our liability insurance goes from $192K in 2020 to $463K in 2021. Why? “Some carriers will not provide liability to any City with its own police force”. This is nationwide, in fact it’s global. In other policing news, appears we’re getting a Behavioral Health Navigator for BPD, an excellent plan per research — reduces our costs and increases community health, as individuals with behavioral health difficulties can be steered towards help, not arrest. Also, I apologize for incompleteness — after watching the Impeachment all day, I simply shut down a mere hour in to a 4-hour meeting. I will add the video link as soon as it’s sent to me.


  2. Confirm Reappointment of Holly James to the Civil Service Commission

Wheeler likes Holly James & tells us why. Daugs: No problem with re-appointments, but are the vacancies being posted to the community at large. Wheeler: Yes, every time there’s a vacancy, we go to our Applicant Pool. There’s plenty of turnover. Moved to Consent Agenda.

  1. Confirm Appointment of Erin Hatch to the Design Review Board

Wheeler likes Hatch, she has desire to serve. Spencer: We dove into our applicant pool, she was the best candidate. Moved to Consent Agenda.

  1. 2021 Excess Liability Insurance with Princeton Excess & Surplus Lines Insurance Company and Allied World Assurance Company; Excess Workers Compensation with Midwest Employers Casualty Company; and Cyber Insurance with Indian Harbor Insurance Company

Per Melisa Folmer, everything is the same as the previous year, except for the cost, which is extremely high. Insurance Broker to take Council’s questions. Liability section is responsible for much of the increase. Sullivan: In 2020, we paid $192K. in 2021 — $463K, of which only $200K+ was budgeted. Correct? Folmer: Yes. Sullivan: What recourse do we have? What happens if Council votes against? Folmer: We’d cancel it and seek other options, including no longer being self-insured but going into “the pool”. Daugs: I agree with Pat. Do we even have the extra $$ available? Riley: Yes. But we have to have this insurance. We are bound. This increase is nationwide; global. City has never had a claim that would have caused the increase, it’s just the zeitgeist (my phrasing). Of ten underwriters asked for a RFQ, this was the lowest bid. Again, we might have to look at going into the pool. Simpson: Can we run multiple insurance policies at reduced cost? It might be financially advantageous to us, other than something that works out to darn near half a million bucks. He likes the pool, wants to explore. Kim Wilson from Princeton Insurance absolves City of blame, explains the relationships among its various carriers. Some carriers will not provide liability to any City with its own police force. [Emphasis added — 5:15pm.] Wheat: What would we have paid in liability settlements if we hadn’t had this insurance? Kim Wilson: Lots of verbiage, conclusion is it doesn’t matter, our own Charter & other legislation/regulations require we carry this amount of liability. He begins to speculate on boutique insurance firms, but it was one of these who said they had a moratorium on liability insurance in the state of WA, and have just pulled out of CA. Goodnow: Self-insurance liability limit? Wilson: [Incomprehensible. He uses a whole other language parallel to English. Retention is the key. Blanketed the marketplace on a standalone. Seems to be fond of the pool idea, but then you can’t control your own claims. Wheeler asks Lubovich to ask why we aren’t in a pool already. Lubovich: We have worked to have control of our cases, such that there hasn’t been a successful suit against us since 2009. But I’m open to looking at it. [Two minutes missed.] Younger: Hey, we’ve got to do it, we looked at 10 companies and this was our lowest bid. Gorman: We’re stuck for right now, but we should definitely look at pools. Asks Folmer, what is our timeline. Folmer: City has already agreed to this. If Council votes against, we’d stop insurance although it’s already bound and started to run. Wheeler: We would be exposed without a contract. Do we want to be exposed while we’re looking for another option, or do we want to be covered while we’re looking? Gorman: I appreciate that. Asks about how much we’ve actually paid out. Folmer: Because of workers’ comp, we often go over the limit. Lubovich: But our liability insurance, we’ve never had a claim on our liability, except for the rupture of the Gorst sewage pipe “last year” (2019, I think). Daugs: If we stick with this insurance, what’s the penalty if we cancel? Wilson: Usually 10% holdback of your pre-paid premium. Gorman: We don’t want to be exposed, so we’ll put this up for a vote next Wednesday. We want to be prepared by then to have Finance provide us with a cost-benefit worksheet.  Sullivan: Wants to make a decision before next year, at least. Doesn’t want to be in this squeeze next year. We can say we’ll do something different, but if we don’t have a plan, we’ll keep on keeping on. Wilson: We’ll have it for you “in advance” of your Budget meetings in mid-December, and then we can compel underwriters to provide data. Younger: This is a long meeting, so let’s put this before the Finance Committee and get an analysis of these pools. Gorman: Consent or General Business? Goodnow moves for Consent. Seeing no discussion, Gorman moves the meeting to Item A1. Item moved to Consent Agenda.

  1. Agreement with Kitsap County Department of Human Services for Behavioral Health Navigator Services

Randy Plumb presents: Their in-house Behavioral guy applied for a grant to establish this position. It’s temporary, so the cost will be less than $97K since they can’t find a good candidate for this position. Simpson: Thinks the position is a Comment Multiplier (what?) and asks if the grant requires that the sequencing [something something] comes in between 1 and 2? Plumb: What? 5:45pm Simpson: In the sequence of events, [and then you’ll have to go to the videotape, as I fell into helpless laughter, repeatedly) “my concern is just, is the sequencing going to be something totally dependent [garbled – he’s in Japan] certain threats that might mitigate [something]. Plumb: What? What is sequencing? He tries to figure out what Simpson is talking about. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” He makes some guesses, but really comes up with bupkis. He explains the real guy for this Zoom had to go out on a highway injury, so sorry it was just him filling in. Simpson: Talks some more. Gorman cuts him off, suggests Plumb and Simpson engage in an email correspondence. They agree. Goodnow: We’ve done this before, no? Plumb: We contracted out with a Poulsbo officer. Goodnow: Is this essentially what we’ve seen in the past, but better paid & with a union? [my phrasing]  Wheat: Navigators, by all research, reduce costs to taxpayers by steering people with behavioral health problems to facilities that can treat them? How are we ensuring diversity and expertise? Plumb: We’re working on it. Wheat: Let’s put it on General Business. Everyone agrees we should do this. Moved to General Agenda.

  1. Amended and Restated Interlocal Cooperation Agreement for Kitsap Special Assault Investigations & Victim’s Services

Kevin Crane of KSAIVS reporting in, just want to update City’s agreement with them. Moved to Consent, I think.

  1. Goods and Services Agreement with Petrocard, Inc. for the Purchase of Gasoline, Related Products, and Fuel Supply Services for the Fleet Management Division I_t_e_m_ _p_u_l_l_e_d_
  1. Ordinance amending Section 10.10.010 of the Bremerton Municipal Code entitled “Parking Code” relating to Parking Permits and Parking in the Right-of-Way and on City Property

Melinda Monroe presents. 3 items proposed as amendments: 1) add “boat trailer” to our glossary; 2) adding a new violation site, Parked On Sidewalk, which lets IMPAK (our parking enforcement coordinator) issue tickets for same; 3) making it possible to remove vehicles that idiots drive into parks, gardens, boardwalks, etc. and walk away from, all because there’s no law for places that are NOT right of way. [Succumbed to hunger, 6:03 pm .]

  1. Public Works Agreement with Spectra Contract Flooring for the Gold Mountain Golf Course Clubhouse Flooring Replacement Project
  1. Contract with Active Construction, Inc. for the Kitsap Way (Ostrich Creek) Culvert Replacement Project
  1. Purchase of Equipment from PMI Truck Bodies, Inc. of Tacoma, WA for the Streets Division
  1. Ordinance amending Section 2.50.032 of the Bremerton Municipal Code (BMC) relating to Promotions and Benefits
  1. Confirm Appointment of John Payne as the Assistant Fire Chief at Pay Band 22, Rate 5 of the 2021 Management Professional, Confidential and Fiduciary Salary Plan
  1. Management Agreement between the City of Bremerton and the Bremerton Government Center Owners Association
  1. Proposed Public Hearing on Ordinance amending Section 20.46.010 of the Bremerton Municipal Code (BMC) entitled “Accessory Dwelling Units” to allow two Accessory Dwelling Units per Single-Family Lot

o Audit Committee Briefing (02/02/21 Meeting) – Chair Leslie Daugs

o Other General Council Business


2 thoughts on “City Council 10 Feb 2021

  1. Ms Mockler,
    I voted for you twice and I’m very proud to say that I and just a handful of other Democrats elected you for a term on the city council.
    I think you’re going to do a wonderful job for us thank you.


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