City Council 17 March 2021

Public recognition may well be restored to its pre-pandenic position at top of agenda; lots of hazzurai about 2nd amendment re replacement of Kitsap County Sheriff Dept at VERY short notice as Municipal Court security; Viva Alejandra Pulido, Mayor’s Youth Council Award winner.

City Council 17 March 2021, Notes by Anna Mockler



A. Claims & Check Register

B. Minutes of Meeting – March 3, 2021

C. Minutes of Study Session – March 10, 2021

D. Resolution No. 3336 authorizing the Use of Electronic Signatures and Electronic Records

E. Resolution No. 3337 approving the Change of Indirect Control of the Wave Division IV, LLC d/b/a Wave Broadband Franchise

F. Interlocal Agreement with Kitsap County for Public Access Television Funding

G. Amendment to Courthouse Security Services Contract with Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office (Contract term January 1, 2021 through March 31, 2021)  Dawn Williams designated responder.

Public comment: I ask about this, please explain why we’re going with unarmed security (from study session) & what a great position for diversity & inclusion; William:  it’s because it’s pricey and unnecessary. This is basically metal detector entry screening. Yes, Kitsap Co is not renewing with any municipalities for budget reasons. Many RFPs sent out, (appears that many= four) we chose this firm over the only other applicant. Gorman does not respond to ? about diversity & inclusion.

Kiaha Long asks, since Kitsap Co was allocated quite a large sum for this year for security, why are there budgetary considerations? Williams: Don’t know. Long: who owns the company? Williams: long-term security contractor with City. Later, it is established it’s since 1942.

H. Public Works Agreement with Pape & Sons Construction, Inc. for the 6th Street Sewer Replacement Project

Roy Runyon comments: What’s the timeline, how will traffic impacts be mitigated; are we going to undermine [something] and will homeowners be reimbursed for costs to reconnect to sewage. Also, what about businesses and impacts & costs upon them. Knuckey responds with boilerplate from Study Session 3/10.

I. Grinder Pump System Maintenance Agreement with Correct Equipment, Inc.

Motion carries unanimously.


A. Goods and Services Agreement with Merchant Patrol Security Services for Bremerton Municipal Courthouse Security Services

Dawn Williams presents: This contract begins 4/1. See Study Session, 3/10, for details on Williams’s presentation. Motion carries unanimously. Goodnow mentions that this was thoroughly discussed in study session. He wants to respond to Miss Mockler’s suggestion.  But he doesn’t, far as I can see. He focuses on carrying arms. Daugs: several questions to make sure that hate crimes or racial harassment etc. are good cause for immediate firing; Williams appears to say that yeah, it is. She speaks of a Mr Larsen who appears to have control over The Lunch Hour, which local police used to cover. Simpson and Younger, in their turn, debate the Second Amendment. They both mention that this has never come up but, it could! There could be bloodshed! unless security is armed. They talk about this for a long time. Vote: Daugs, Simpson, No. Motion carries, 5 Yes, 2 No. I wish I knew more about libertarianism so that I could evaluate whether or no this is an intersection of liberal-conservative-libertarian. Not many issues where Daugs and Simpson agree, so this vote is thought-provoking.


Alejandra Pulido wins Mayor’s Youth Award, he has nominated for State award, AWC, where he thinks she has a real shot. Gorst Coalition summary and update: Many meetings on this topic. This year, federal $$ comes to state level, next year or sooner, state $$ comes to cities & municipalities.


Roy Runyon: Council inexperienced, didn’t support Simpson, City Charter archaic, why isn’t strong leader addressing this & covid and more? Is it down to inexperience? I drop my presentation to say, a) glad Mayor isn’t a Feuhrer, b) you guys are experienced, solemn representatives of their districts; I utterly refute Runyon’s accusation. Can I go back to being your gadfly? Gorman says ok. I ask again that public recognition be moved to top of meeting. Caroline Stein re WA Science meeting, we need judges. She reads web addresses into recording, not a useful record.


Younger: Having a District meeting! Every four years, whether necessary or not (my phrasing.) Simpson: We should restore Invocation & Pledge. & revisit our utility tax (not on Council Goals & Priorities list). Put public safety & infrastructure & utilities on top of agenda. These should be our priorities. Goodnow: Nothing major to report. Wheat: her 3/25 meeting for ALL Bremertonians, available on City website. This is a meeting to hear from you. You are the program. Thank you, members of the public, I too would support Public Recognition being moved to its pre-pandemic position at top of the agenda. It would respect their time. Daugs:  Lets Pulido turn her camera on and speak to Council for a hot minute. Pulido looks smart, that’s all I can tell. Daugs too supports having Public Recognition moved back to top of agenda, it’s just not right when we have such long,long meetings. Again,she reminds us to drive safely on these dark mornings because kids are back out, sometimes in force, on their way to school.Take care of them. Sullivan: Shredding event, Elks Parking Lot, 4/10. It’s a drive-through. Let’s move public recognition back to pre-pandemic top of agenda. Gorman: Puts up slide of WA Science Fair website & email, but a slide, not the most useful record. Goes on to say, has heard comments on public recognition, doesn’t see why it can’t be restored to pre-pandemic position. (So, that’s 4 in favor! a majority! of letting the people comment on the people’s business! This is a good thing.)


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