City Council 24 March 2021

Warren Ave Bridge proposed redesign (one wide side for all non-motorized, Dianne Iverson proposer) championed by Younger; police body cams contract proposed by Capt Wolfe, a strong advocate; major culvert repair imperative for McDougal Creek / Wheaton Way; review of 3 add’l FTEs for Permitting Development & Inspection.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24, 2021 MINUTES by Anna Mockler


1. Electronic Business Machines Maintenance Agreement for a Canon Image Runner Copier for the Police Department I

2. Bremerton Kitsap Access Television (BKAT) Service Contract with the Kitsap Public Health District  [?]

3. Accept Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Transportation Grant; and Approve Local Agency Agreement for the 6th Street Preservation Phase III Project

Dimmitt of DPW presents. Simpson wants to know why the lobbyists we pay for haven’t helped out on this; why did grant have to be applied for by DPW? Gorman: Public should know that many, many projects are paid for by such grants. Moved to Consent by unanimous vote.

4. Sole Source Public Works Agreement with Seton Construction, Inc. for the 2nd Street Stormwater Treatment Project

Knuckey presents: near Marina Square Development. This is a lower bid than we’d get if we had to put out to bid. Strong support from Suquamish Tribe. [OK, why?j What do they like about it? Input from rep would be good.] Katie appears, thanked by Wheat – have we contracted with Seton Construction before? Katie: No, but they’ve worked with municipalities & have good responsible contractor reviews. Simpson: Asks about financing — Katie says budget is $150K, new estimate is $97 K plus $10K buffer, some money used previously for design. Simpson understands some of the logistical complications that come with a big project. We’re saving money. That’s what we should be doing. Good job on this. Thanks for bringing it forward. Daugs asks about traffic disruption, Katie says work will be concentrated on 2nd Ave. Moved to Consent Agenda.

5. Sole Source Professional Services Agreement with Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. for the McDougal Creek/Wheaton Way Culvert Repair Permit Support

Gunnar Fridriksson presents. Daugs asks are there endangered fish? Gunnar points out that per WA DOE the standard is fish habitat, not fish presence. Culvert has voids around it, these will end up on surface, in roadway, we want to get it before it hits that point. Sullivan asks good, pointed questions about life of the cure-in-place liner from DPW Committee presentation by Gunnar. Wheat: When we approved Amazon site, relevant to this project, our stormwater fees didn’t reflect this extra $97K in costs. Moved to Consent Agenda unanimously.

6. Local Agency Preliminary Engineering Participating Agreement with Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) for Warren Avenue Pedestrian Improvements Project

Shane Weber presents: contract with DOT to design structural components of this project, funded by a grant which Council accepted this year. It’s $315K, not the $250(?)K that Council accepted, but they accepted with normal % increase, so it’s still within what Council accepted, and — important! — all still paid for by grant. Younger paraphrases the Dianne Iverson proposal which he calls brilliant: just do the improvements on one side of the lane, but have a wider lane. Weber defines need for 10-foot sidewalks, general public approval; Younger says he’s not a cyclist, he’s a walker, but he thought her proposal made a lot of sense. Younger wants a pedestrian tunnel on one side, with lane wide enough that all non motorized transport could use it safely. Younger thinks this is not only a brilliant solution, but also would cut costs. He asks about bridge age — Weber says 1958, so supposed to be good until 2058. Daugs asks if WA State law prohibits doing the improvement per Iversson email on one side? Weber says well, no, but in past ADA advocates have successfully sued when improvements are made on one side only. Simpson: The West Sound Cycling Club is a pretty loud voice for the community (sic). Though a major seismic event is on its way, as long as the bridge is stable in that event, we should plan for non-motorized transport in this and other capital projects (my phrasing. Also: sic! ] Wheat: Always impressed by WSSC and yes, this should be put before the public, as Younger wants.  Manette Bridge has non-motiorized pathway all on one side, why can’t we do it with Warren Ave? Weber explains that Manette Bridge is a new bridge, different standards apply as it’s more structurally sound, only 10 years into its life span, not 60+ years like Warren Ave., which is also longer, and less soundly engineered, with higher MPH allowed. [15 mins. missed — supper]. Moved to General Business, I believe.

7. Master Services and Purchasing Agreement with Axon Enterprise, Inc. for Body Cameras and In-Car Recording Equipment for the Police Department

Tom Wolfe: PACT and public expects BPD already has body cams; let’s anticipate state law and get them,  Daugs asks many specific pertienent questions about exactly how this will work on the ground, and where videos will be saved. Lauren Klein for Axon says they serve 95% of police depts in US, she’s the rep for West of Mississippi (and she’s addressing City of Bremerton, so how big time is this company?)  Burchwtt is briefly on while Simpson testifies that Daugs asked good questions, glad State has established standards etc etc. Wheat asks about percentage of agencies that use Axon — Klein says 50%, but there are many other agencies that use body cams that aren’t police depts. Capt Wolfe says it’s used by Poulsbo; BPD previewed three different body cams a few years ago, Axon was the leader {possible 10th time hearing phrase “leader in the industry” in this discussion. Whose memo propounded that talking point phrase?). Wolfe says this brand has been not only good but reliable over many years. Wheat wants to make sure body cams will stay on during a scuffle, when you really need it. Wolfe: Yes, and. they’re molly-attached to standard-issue BPD vests. “Things go wrong. Cameras aren’t turned on because someone’s stressed out. Here’s why this is a good system: even if one officer’s doesn’t function, his partner’s does (Wolfe’s gender assignment, not mine). Sullivan: Thanks expert colleague Councilor Simpson for his clarity and intelligence and presentation of all things body cams (my phrasing). Gorman: Thanks all. Moved to General Business.

It is 7:06pm. Break for 5 minutes. Your blogger calls it a night.

8. Authorize three additional positions (3 FTEs) in the 2021 City Budget to support Bremerton’s Permitting Development Review and Inspection Services

9. Confirm Appointment of Ashley Walchok from the Fairfield Inn & Suites to the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

10. Confirm Appointment of Ash Printy from the Hampton Inn & Suites to the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

11. Confirm Appointment of Mike Huey from the Washington State Science & Engineering Fair (WSSEF) to the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

12. Confirm Appointment of Virgil Valdez from the Filipino-American Association of Kitsap County to the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

B. GENERAL BUSINESS – Action is anticipated

1. Setting Salary for Karen Wikle as the Budget Analyst at Pay Band 12 Rate 6 of the 2021 Management, Professional, Confidential & Fiduciary Salary Plan I_t_e_m_ _a_d_d_e_d_… _


o Race Equity Advisory Committee Briefing (0_3_/_1_1_/_2_1_ _M_e_e_t_i_n_g_) – Chair Leslie Daugs

o Public Works Committee Briefing (0_3_/_1_6_/_2_1_ _M_e_e_t_i_n_g_) – Chair Eric Younger

o Finance, Investment & Parking Committee Briefing (_0_3_/_2_3_/_2_1_ _M_e_e_t_i_n_g_)_ _– _Chair Michael Goodnow

o Other General Council Business


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