City Council 21 April 2021

Shoreline regulation in Bremerton used to be more restrictive than the County’s, now it is equally restrictive. Outreach to ALL residents on upcoming actions seriously contemplated. Fire Dept continues mentoring college students, and will train with other FDs in Kitsap Co to standardize responses & practices.


We have to keep it together, wear our masks, to stay in Phase 3, to keep our small businesses afloat. Also, Roger Lubovich is retiring in June/July.


Roy Runyon: A city bill puzzled and enraged him. Some areas are getting mowed because they’re near the home of a City Councilor. Sanctions should be levied against Wheat and Daugs for their vote to follow customary process and open Simpson’s seat to the public for consideration & appointment. Kiaha Long: Diversity and inclusion in police force! He keeps saying this. He lives part-time in District Six, disagrees with sanctions against Wheat and Daugs. Jeff ____ says No to invocation, no to pledge — neither furthers City business and both make many uncomfortable, including him. He thanks Council for restoring Public Recognition to its former and current position.


A. Claims & Check Register

B. Minutes of Meeting – April 7, 2021

C. Minutes of Study Session – April 14, 2021

D. Confirm Appointment of Mike Barnet to the BKAT Citizens Advisory Committee

E. Resolution No. 3338 to authorize Changes in Approved Signers in Local Government Investment Pool

Approved unanimously.


A. Public Hearing and Ordinance No. 5417 to update the Shoreline Master Program

B. Public Hearing and Ordinance No. 5418 to amend Chapter 20.14 of the Bremerton Municipal Code entitled “Critical Areas” to be consistent with the Shoreline Master Program Update

Garrett Jackson presents: Amendments are small, consistent with state, give flexibility to shorefront homeowners. For both Shorelines and wetlands and salmonid streams.

Then he moves to the Study Session presentation. Change formatting (eliminate history) and make “minor mapping changes”. But nothing about reducing or eliminating buffers.

Roy Runyon talks about light penetration & tribes being able to enter private property at will. Mockler – defer this public hearing until Garrett Jackson gives the same presentation to the public that he gave to study session.

Your blogger can not give you a good report here. There was a procession of white men explaining that this would give flexibility to home-owners. DOE has approved this in its entirety, so there’s not much support out there for refusing to approve these updates.  This makes me quite sad.

Discussion: Younger seems to indicate he wants to vote No. He asks for definition of “should”, the document’s use in place of “shall”. He looks it up (page 28 of the report, page 47 of the packet) and requires close clarification. Wheat mentions that Council Goals & Priorities include seeking opportunities for environmental stewardship. Sounds like we’re lessening environmental protections that are under our current Shoreline Master Plan — is that accurate? Jackson gives a long non-answer about mitigation; “but I don’t think that you would say it’s less protection” Nickel: Reduction in buffer size doesn’t mean it’s a reduction in protection since DOE re-calibrated required buffer size in 2014. Wheat: We shouldn’t look at this through a property development lens instead of an environmental stewardship lens. She cites your blogger as a respected wetland scientist, which in fact I am, and asks why postcards were sent only to shoreline property owners. Jackson: We did this in traditional way, sorry that disappoints you. Wheeler speaks abut public outreach, everyone should have gotten a postcard, if at all practicable. Sullivan speaks, I couldn’t follow. Gorman: Nothing to add to the discussion. Vote: Wheat – No. Simpson – Yes. Younger – Yes. Sullivan – Yes. Gorman – Yes.

Vote on Part B: Runyon talks about gov’t trying to take over his management of his land. Vote: Same as above.


A. Renewal of Affiliation Agreement with Tacoma Community College

McGanney does his study session presentation. Mockler, Sullivan, Simpson thank Chief McGanney for this program

B. Interlocal Agreement to establish Kitsap County Fire Training Consortium

Chief McGanney presents. In the week since the study session, he got approval from ALL of the other jurisdictions involved to clarify the language from “hire” to “appoint” an FTE.

C. Ordinance No. 5419 amending Section 3.50.050 of the Bremerton Municipal Code to simplify Street Fund Budgeting & related Budget Reallocation

This is the simplifying of budget ordinance proposed by Knuckey on 4/14 study session. Discussion is one yay after another. It passed.

D. Master Services and Purchasing Agreement with Axon Enterprise, Inc. for Body Cameras and In-Car Recording Equipment for the Police Department

I missed this because I was very,very hungry.

E. Ordinance No. 5420 to repeal and replace Chapter 6.32 of the Bremerton Municipal Code entitled “Noise Levels” This item has been pulled… It will be presented at the Council Meeting on May 5, 2021 to receive public comment only; followed by proposed Council action at the Council Meeting on May 19, 2021



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