City Council, Cinco de Mayo


One of the three metrics in Covid cases has gone down to better levels. KPHD snapshot of the community, which Mayor Wheeler will be showing at every general meeting from here on in. (Yay me! I was persistent in asking for these, for weeks, to counteract Covid lies in one Councilor’s Reports, and it has finally happened.) $258K in funding for Kitsap Lake; $850K for Haddon Park. He thanks the lobbyist in Olympia for their substantial help in getting this money. He presents Mayor’s Challenge, winners at the STEM Fair, grades 1-8 and 9-12.

3. PUBLIC RECOGNITION: I thank Mayor and Council for restoring Public Recognition to its former position at top of agenda. Caroline Stein recaps the 2021 STEM Fair. Kiaha Long urges City (Mayor) to choose a person who will represent the diversity of our community. Mr Rydell has been playing his Altec Lansing speaker on a very busy street near the Naval Base. A neighbor 2 doors up has called 911 on this little speaker many, many times. He feels harassed by the police. He will email his contact information to Council and Mayor. Daugs starts to proceed to Consent Agenda but Simpson interrupts with Point of Order, pledge of allegiance and invocation must be restored.


A. Claims & Check Register

B. Minutes of Meeting – April 21, 2021

C. Minutes of Study Session – April 28, 2021

D. Agreement with Long Painting Company for the Reservoir 19 Exterior Coating Replacement

E. Professional Services Agreement with SPECTRA Laboratories – Kitsap, LLC for Environmental Water and Soil Analyses

F. Purchase Microsoft AZURE Active Directory P2/GCC/Multi-Factor Authentication; and related Budget Adjustment

Accepted unanimously.


A. Ordinance No. 5420 amending Chapter 6.32 of the Bremerton Municipal Code entitled “Noise Levels” To take public comment only…Action proposed on May 19…

Capt Plumb presents. Broughton comments: He expected a more complete presentation (me too! There was none!) This only works for people who want to call and complain. 100-ft distance in the new ordinance is arbitrary. Two neighbors called 911 almost every night on Brother Don’s and The Dugout — a waste of taxpayer money. He wrongfoots when he says the 100-foot distance, per Mr Raya (with the City?), is based on other cities’ ordinances, so how is that relevant? (Well, of course it’s relevant. It’s precedent. It’s the custom of the country.) We need zones where live music can be played, and 1200 people have signed this petition, so it’s well-supported. Younger interrupts with Point of Order — public should hear the presentation. Daugs consents, for the good of the public. Lubovich presents: (5:58pm for those who want to hear the ordinance read out loud.) Bart Bruckman (sp?), minority owner of Brother Don’s, describes how these two neighbors’ calling 911 starting in 2008 started the harassment. He describes the EXTENSIVE sound-proofing measures Brother Don’s took. After hundreds of calls from Bremerton’s finest, “and I mean that”, Council said they would fix it. They have not yet done so. Let’s hope that they do. Gordon Rinke, owner-operator of Brother Don’s: I spent 2 years waiting for the police department to come every night because of (mostly) one individual. We went to Court, it ruled in our favor, and this ordinance you have in front of you is just the same old ordinance. It’s a waste of BPD’s time. Hundreds of people have testified in favor of live music. Many businesses have spent big money to soundproof their places. He asks for some kind of exemption to allow live music, especially in a venue where the sound of Kitsap Way is louder than the music. I comment that a standard of “audible” makes no sense; noise is louder than audible. (I forget to call for decibel meter. I also forgot to mention that my neighbor’s AC, which he turns on every night from about mid-April, is audible from over 100 feet away. Darn. Always have a script. If you don’t have a script, have a blog, where you can edit the narrative, as I’ve just done.) Charlie Michel: Vehicle noise really needs an ordinance. No one else comments. Daugs moves on to the next item. (I’m quite surprised. I’d thought that more people would want to comment.)

B. Interlocal Agreement for Mutual Aid and Traffic Safety Task Force

Lt Davis presents, same as at Study Session 28 April. Carried unanimously.

C. Renewal of Agreement with Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc. for Photo Red Light Enforcement Program

Lt Davis presents short version, cleansed of many details, otherwise the same as Study Session 28 April. Kiaha Long: too much resources is spent on this, we should use the $$ for other things in BPD. ? Rydell says it’s a great program, he says glass and bumpers etc. all over, let’s keep it. I ask Davis to present expense vs. revenue, i.e., we make almost half a million off these cameras. He does, after Daugs correctly chides me for not directing my question to her. Motion carries unanimously. Younger initiates discussion of late-April details supplied by Davis and Shane Weber that statistificates. the types and frequencies of collisions. Younger suggests that, so as not to seem like we’re just doing this to make a profit, all profits from this contract go directly to Streets Capitol Projects, like adding sidewalks to the roadwork on the Oyster Bay Sewage Project (Item G). Wheat mentions the need for more information, which Davis is working on. The motion is tabled until that additional information is submitted. Angela Hoover gives guidance on how to table a motion. It’s moved to be tabled for 30 days. Council discusses. Simpson: Restates the motion. Restates the original motion. Expresses his dislike of red-light cameras, he dislikes them because they’re arbitrary and because they’re inhuman, we should replace with human faces that provide our very excellent police force opportunities to educate the public on the need to stop at red lights. He asks for more information. He describes the halo effect of red-light cameras, pushing the collision rate to the next signal light down the road. He too decries the perception that these cameras are simply kept on because they make such a good profit for the City. [Language has to be changed from tabled to postponed. It’s postponed not for 30 days, but until May 19, 2021.] A lot of hazzurai here, Robert’s Rules blooming like a stop-action film. Daugs calls for the question, but here comes Younger: Lt Davis gave us details on the $$ at study session, so why are we waiting for more details on that. Asks Hoover if Daugs, as Acting President, can make this motion. Hoover says yes, any member can do this. (omg, I foresee a big fad for doing this amongst the Zoom-frayed nerves of City Council.) Motion to postpone approved, 4-2, Simpson and Younger opposing.

D. Contract Modification Agreement No. 3 with AquaTechnex LLC for Phoslock Treatment and Aquatic Vegetation Harvesting of Kitsap Lake

NPDES Coordinator Chance Berthiaume. He repeats his presentation from Study Session, 28 April, slide show and all. Really amazing that such an effective piece of work cost only $226K. 16-foot clarity now in Kitsap Lake. Amazing! This year, they’ll do a second run for $155K because after decades of inaction [my phrasing] the lake rebounded from its eutrophic state to an amazing extent. No public comment. Council discusses. Younger: Great job! He goes into details on his online shopping that discovered buying the harvester would save money as opposed to renting. Chance says they checked it out, but what with storage costs etc., renting works out cheaper. Wheat asks Chance to recap more of Study Session, detailing cooperation with neighbors, Kitsap Co., though Navy still hasn’t gotten back to his calls and emails. Motion to approve carries unanimously.

E. Amendment No. 1 to the Interlocal Agreement with Kitsap Public Utility District for Sharing Fiber Optic and Information Technology Services and Infrastructure

Not much comment.

F. Amendment to Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan Agreement with the Washington State Department of Ecology for the Oyster Bay Beach Sewer Upgrades

Most comment deferred to next item, for which this item provides the funding.

G. (OB-2 to OB-1) Project Contract with Active Construction, Inc. for Oyster Bay Beach Sewer Upgrades

Discussion is mostly former President Younger rhapsodizing over how good this will be, though a temporary annoyance during construction, to provide safe walking to close a gap between sidewalks (a DPW priority), all residents (among whom Younger is one) will be so happy to walk safely through this area, “an undiscovered gem”. Motion carries unanimously.


Sullivan: No report. Wheat: Thank you, Mayor, for presenting the KPHD report at the top of the meeting. Describes her vaccination status, one down, second 1.5 weeks in future. Goodnow: Really looking forward to meeting, at least study session, in person. Callow / Charleston redevelopment with brownfields $$. New businesses opening on Callow, existing businesses getting more foot traffic. Simpson: Thanks many people. Describes Cinco de Mayo, celebrating a revolution. We’ve allowed government to impose upon us the idea that our jobs are not essential. He starts around 7:35pm. View for yourself. Here’s my take: lockdowns don’t work, and in the past they only applied to the sick, and then he says more stuff about how government is bad and Inslee’s acts are suspicious. I’m so angry that no one checks or mutes him, since none of this is specific to District Six, but I’m supposed to be objective here, so, Readers, I suggest you go to the BKAT video and click on Councilmember Reports to hear his full text. It’s long. Younger: Runs for re-election some more, reveres Patty Lunt, tells us to hang on, some things take time, like Kitsap Lake getting cleared up after everyone thought it’d just be one study after another. Repeats his TownHall meeting pitch, thanks everyone for making this happen. Daugs: I get that things can take a while, , I just celebrated a four-year effort’s fruition, so thank you for reminding us that big jobs take time. Announces 5/13 6pm REAC meeting.

7. ADJOURNMENT OF CITY COUNCIL BUSINESS MEETING and so it came to an end at 7:41 pm.

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