8 September 2021 City Council Study Session, 5- 5:22pm. The Most Minimal Meeting

No summary for this 22-minute meeting. Vice-President Daugs was Acting President, as Council President Gorman was absent.


1. Confirm Reappointment of Benjamin Burnette to the Parks & Recreation Commission

Moved to Consent Agenda

2. Confirm Appointment of Andre Henderson to the Bremerton Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

Moved to Consent Agenda

3. Confirm Appointment of Thomas Wolfe to Chief of Police

Greg Wheeler turns it over to Council. Younger protests that there is a long-standing tradition that we don’t revisit items we’ve decided on. Daugs explains what happened at General Meeting – she related that she’d spoken to BPD officers, who wanted consistency in their department, AND no one else in BPD wanted this job! BPD didn’t want incomer who didn’t know state laws, and Darryl Riley & other community members echoed this. Daugs moved & Council voted unanimously to urge the Mayor to appoint Wolfe as Chief. Full details in my 9/1 post. Younger, driving home from vacation, asks why Daugs is taking this position. Daugs explains it all again to Younger. Younger makes many noises about this decision which was taken in his absence. Since the vote was 6-1, he’s just prolonging the meeting. He mentions a few other things, and Daugs explains what happens some more. Moved to General Business, per Younger & Simpson. Daugs reminds Council that 6 of 7 Councilors – everyone present at General Meeting 9/1 — voted to urge Mayor to appoint Wolfe. He has done so.


o Audit Committee Monthly Briefing – Chair Leslie Daugs

Daugs talks about various things, nothing big. Special Operations Group to be disbanded (undercover work), their office space may become available. A 25-cent discrepancy was accounted for. Riley and the Auditor will put together a draft of an Audit. Would really be nice to have a transcript with some relation to reality, as this one makes it nearly impossible to figure out who is talking and what they might have actually said — remember, this is a software that still calls our County “kidnap” or “catsup”.

REAC holding BIPOC Forum 9/9. September meeting moved to 9/23.

o Other General Council Business aka Good of the Order

CDBG Committee met, recommendations upcoming for what to do with ARPA $$. Goodnow adds that with evictions lifting and unemployment supplements disappearing, was there any update from Mayor on how to help from City level. Mayor and Riley will present on this and other things on 9/23. Simpson notes that 20th anniversary of 9/11 coming up. Urges everyone to participate in 9/10 Day of Service. Daugs notes that Saturday, 9/11, there will be a Memorial Service 5:30-7pm at Evergreen Park 9/11 Memorial. Younger asks when DOH briefing will be on Certificate of Need? Daugs says Gorman was setting that up and she’s heard nothing. She’ll ask him. Mayor adds that DOH was willing to do a daytime meeting but not an evening meeting. Simpson says he would hate to think that Bainbridge Island was going to beat us to the punch on this. Younger says, with tonight’s light agenda, they could easily have come tonight! Nobody repeats that DOH was only willing to do daytime meetings. Daugs repeats that she’ll ask Gorman.

C. ADJOURNMENT OF STUDY SESSION and so it came to an end at 5:22pm.

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