The adventure continues …

Dear Supporters,Thank you for all your kindness, friendship, and support in this campaign. With your backing, I am only 3 votes behind my opponent, and there are still ballots to count. I’m really grateful for everything you did to bring a progressive, representative voice to Bremerton City Council. You believe in me. You cooked soup and mac’n’cheese for me (looking at you, Cambrian Ave!); you gave me money; you gave me advice, affection, and healthy scepticism. Couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

I wanted to thank you all personally on proper notecards with a sprig of lavender, but I don’t have time. Because this campaign starts up again right now.
It’s almost certain there will be a new election in this race in January or February 2022. We need to be at least 37 votes apart to certify the result, because of the ballot glitch*. It seems unlikely that there are more than 34 ballots to count.

I’ll post updates every week or so. You can also check my Facebook page, Mockler4Bremerton6.
Stay well, warm, and dry, and never doubt that our votes matter!
* What was the ballot glitch? Kitsap Co. Auditor’s office mistakenly sent District Six ballots to 183 District Five households. Before the error was caught, 37 ballots from this small area had been anonimized — that means, their signatures were compared, their address was checked, etc., and then that identifying envelope was shredded, to preserve election integrity. 

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