17 Nov 2021, City Council General – 5:30-7 ish

New election in District Six on Feb 8, 2022. Budget approved, Simpson opposing. Lobbyist re-hired, Simpson opposing with remarkable outburst on lobbying as “morally objectionable” and “a secret way to tax the people”. Annual ordinance authorizing City to collect property taxes approved, Simpson opposing. More $$ for rental assistance from CDBG grants. Parks will get 2022 upgrades with Haddon Park, reliably, not only at the bottom of the list but pushed forward to 2023. $1.35M for Kitsap Lake Park; $1.4M went to Warren Ave playfields; Haddon is supposed to get $982K , so not too shabby. Just put off, once again. An item on renewing Lusignan Forestry’s contract to cut 2.5M board feet per year for five years was pulled in announcement at start of meeting, will be reconsidered Dec 1st.

Gorman absent, Daugs presiding.


108.9 cases per 100K people. Stay safe, enjoy your families. (Nothing about vaccination rates or urging to get vaccinated.)

Parks updates for 2022 – Kitsap Lake Park will get $1.05M in state and CDBG grants, plus $253K in other funds. Pendergast getting $49K in Dept of Commerce grant to develop design for artificial turf on the soccer fields, applying for $350K for add’l funds. Lions Park has rec’vd $32K from Lions Club to resurface tennis and pickleball courts, $15K CDBG funds to make it more accessible. Kiwanis Park rec’vd $130K from Kiwanis Club to upgrade children’s playground with accessible play equipt. Evergreen Park getting $$ for accessibility pathway and curb cut-outs. Haddon Park – $982K in state grants and CDBG funds. Accessible parking & paths, Design and permitting spring-fall 2022, construction spring 2023. Warren Ave park – $1.4M all new everything, including lights, for junior league football intramural. Ivy Green Cemetery – $25.5K from Dept of Archaeology etc. to general infrastructure upgrades & signage, to be completed early 2022.


Paul Andrews, Kitsap Co Auditor. Recaps the situation. 1378 votes cast, 691 Simpson, 688 Mockler. They’ll certify that they can’t certify. Hand recount December 1st because it is within 1%. New election Feb 8th. Military ballots early Jan, others mid- Jan, will certify on Feb 18th. Daugs invites Andrews to present on this at next study session. Rydal says voters are being set aside for politics. I talk about Reference # 52516, May 2021 Every month or two since May I’ve come before you to plead for a 4-way stop at 13th & Wycoff. In 2021 alone, there have been eight accidents reported to police; “Three of the accidents required a tow truck, and one required medical aid response. “ per Joe Sexton, BPD.

Shane Weber of Public Works plans to investigate Reference #52516, May 2021, soon. This is not Shane Weber being a slacker. This is Shane Weber doing his job, which is to make triply sure that every change to street road signs or markings conforms to a federal document: The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, or MUTCD. Changes to road signs or markings that do not conform to the MUTCD are a bad, very bad, not good idea if you want to keep getting federal funds for roads. But new infrastructure bill signed 11/15 has billions of dollars for Safe Streets.


A. Claims & Check Register

B. Minutes of Budget Workshop – November 1, 2021

C. Minutes of Meeting – November 3, 2021

D. Minutes of Study Session – November 10, 2021

E. Confirm Appointment of Mike Barnet as the BKAT Video Specialist at Pay Band 1 Rate 8 of the 2021 Management, Professional, Confidential & Fiduciary Salary Plan

F. Acceptance of 2022–2023 Public Defense Grant Fund Award from the WA State Office of Public Defense for the Bremerton Municipal Court

G. Interlocal Agreement for Public Safety Records Management Software Item pulled

H. Professional Services Agreement with Lusignan Forestry, Inc. for Timber Harvest Management and Marketing Services

I. Public Works Agreement with Award Construction, Inc. for the WWTP Slide Gates Project

J. Goods & Services Agreement with HASA, Inc. for the Purchase of Bulk Low-Salt 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite Solution

Public comment – none. Motion carries unanimously.


A. Contract Modification Agreement No. 3 to the Professional Services Agreement with The Johnston Group for Federal Legislative/Agency Representation Services

Johnston, the lobbyist, says Council has his agenda, he awaits their questions. No public comment. Sullivan notes that his efforts have brought back a lot of taxpayer money. Dennehy asks about $$ from Appropriations, Johnston says it’s $2.5M but House & Senate still have to reconcile. Dennehy goes on to ask what his annual contract costs – Johnston says it’s $60K. Simpson says Start Transcript So, I strongly encourage my fellow council members to vote no on this item. As we know, that lobbyists are just represent a way to buy like access to government And it’s wrong, it is morally objectionable. The idea that a lobbyist has gotten us money in the past is no guarantee that the lobbyists will get anything for us in the future. And all it does is it perpetuates the idea that we must buy access to our elected representatives. And in turn, our municipal government is lobbying against the against the better will of the people. Now the people can hire a lobbyist any day of the week, and twice on Sunday, and it’s absolutely their right to do that. But municipal Governments should never have a lobbyist because all it does is it shifts our tax burden from from us locally to lobby lobby other elements that can go and get taxes from the people. And this is just wrong. It’s a secret way to tax the people. And we should never, ever engage in this sort of stuff. That’s why we should vote no on this. Thank you. End Transcript. Motion carries, 5-1, Simpson opposing.

B. Interagency Grant Agreement with WA State Department of Commerce for CDBG-CV2 Grant; and Subrecipient Agreement with Bremerton Housing Authority for Rental Assistance Program

Sarah Achauoi presents this $$ that will be used for more rental assistance. Goodnow congratulates and compliments Achauoi and CDBG, as does Dennehy. Motion carries unanimously.

C. Interlocal Agreement with Washington Cities Insurance Authority

Kylie Finnell – this just authorizes Mayor to sign documents related to our becoming members of this pool for 3 years. Costs have gone down slightly to $1.4M from $1.6M. No public comment. Sullivan compliments. Simpson is sceptical and apprehensive, appears it will save us money, hopefully we’re not getting roped in to something that’s gonna blow up in our face. Motion carries unanimously.

D. Ordinance No. 5441 to levy Property Taxes for Collection in 2022

Mike Riley presents. This is the ordinance we have to pass every year allowing us to levy property tax. General levy a little less than $8.5M, and the EMS levy of $2.2M. No public comment. Simpson notes that it’s an awesome responsibility to set the levy rates. He wants us to raise taxes 1%, and bank 0.9% for future, and moves to amend. No one seconds. Motion carries 5-1, Simpson opposing.


A. Final Public Hearing on Ordinance No. 5442 to approve and adopt the City of Bremerton Budget for Fiscal Year 2022

Michael Riley presents. Karen Wikle, Budget Analyst presents the final overview of city-wide revenue, expenditures, and fund balances, as well as budget highlights. She breaks down funds into 4 groups: general, special revenue, debt service, and capital improvement. She goes on to read all the PowerPoint slides found in the Budget section of the City website. No public comment.

Dennehy thinks this is a solid budget, well done. Goodnow excited particularly about funding for Main Street program, which allows participants to get credit on their state B&O taxes, also B&O only kicking in when gross receipts are $1M or more. Simpson moves to amend the utility rate discount from 40% to 50% for low-income seniors. No one seconds. Younger mentions the $50K for Main Street set-aside, asks which Fund that is – Riley says it’s non-departmental, was proposed by Council, so it’s not in the Budget document, but it’ll be in the published document. Sullivan compliments staff, appreciates balanced budget. Daugs thanks Riley, Wikle, likes what City’s done with ARPA funds, applauds reduced B&O taxes for small businesses (under $1M). Motion carries 5-1, Simpson opposing.


Younger: No report. Simpson: Mayor’s Report failed to show good photos of upgrades at Ivy Green Cemetery. Tomb of Unknown Soldier replica (he calls it representation) in Ivy Green. That’s all we have for District Six. Goodnow: Thinks Forest Ridge cleanup has been cancelled for this month. Dennehy: Kiwanis Clean-up is probably on 4th Saturday, but Mayor isn’t completely certain. Sullivan: Wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving. Daugs: 2 vacant seats on REAC, interviews 12/9. Compliments Paul Andrews on stepping up about the election.


A. 20-Minutes to discuss Pending Litigation as allowed under RCW 42.30.110 (1) (i) Action is anticipated


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