8 DECEMBER 2021 CITY COUNCIL STUDY SESSION: 5:00 PM – 6:55pm, The get your geek on meeting

Changes to Floodplain Mgmt met with indifference tinged with resentment: tacit response was, why does Government have to interfere with our god-given right to use our land however we see fit? Other whinging: why do we have to keep paying $30K/yr for a Salvation Army security guard? (Item A6) IMHO, Possible reasons why we should act for the common good would be items A12-A15 – very large costs of ignoring ecological systems around us – more sewage control mechanisms, more stormwater control aka CSO (combined sewage overflow), new requirement that garages in floodplains be built to accommodate inrushing waters of 100 yr flood. Etc. It is expensive to mess with Mother Nature. Re the security guard, as Younger said, if we don’t pay for a security guard at $30K/yr, we have to pay for police to respond to many many calls. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.Parks Dept snagged a no-match grant to build a playground at Kitsap Lake. I n other District 7 news, Pendergast artificial turf for two soccer fields not yet fully funded. Item A9 is a tour de force of planning flow charts describing the intricacies of interlocal cooperation. The nested diagram of 5 levels of agency stakeholders who must concur is a must-see for all full-on policy geeks.


1. Confirm Reappointment of Faye Flemister to the Planning Commission

Daugs asks a pertinent question: when we reappoint someone, have others had a chance to apply? Andrea Spencer says there’re always open applications. Flemister has only been on board for 11mos., so this isn’t a reappointment to 4-year term. Moved to Consent Agenda, unanimously.

2. Confirm Appointment of Jaime Forsyth to the Bremerton Housing Authority Board of Commissioners

Goodnow suggests Daugs send Mayor an email about her question: how do we determine who gets appointed or reappointed? Moved to Consent Agenda, unanimously.

3. Confirm Appointment of Ryan Burton to the Bremerton Housing Authority Board of Commissioners Moved to Consent Agenda, unanimously.

4. Resolution to amend and restate the City’s 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan Document

Charlotte Nelson, HR Mgr, presents. Changes made to comply with CARES Act, which lets employees pull money out of POT plan (?) to deal with Covid impacts. Younger asks if there are any fiscal impacts, Nelson says no. Moved to Consent Agenda, unanimously.

5. Ordinance to amend Chapter 2.50.050 of the Bremerton Municipal Code to rename the Title to “457(b) Supplemental Retirement Plan”

Same presenter. Amend the BMC to use the same language as described in Item #4. Daugs asks, this is just changing language, right? Nelson says yes. Moved to Consent Agenda, unanimously.

6. Services Reimbursement Agreement with Peninsula Community Health Services for Salvation Army Security Guard Funding

Melinda Monroe, Contract Admin Supvr, presents. Hard to understand her, very soft, very quick. This is the same agreement presented yearly, bcuz PCHS has the funding to match. [?] Daugs asks, this used to be under Salv. Army, but PCHS got the 1/10th of 1% grant in 2020, so they administered, even though grant not forthcoming this year. City funds 1/2, PCHS funds 1/2 & administers [???]. Daugs want to know what’ll happen if we quit funding? Monroe says PCHS would want to talk to Council and to Mayor. Dennehy asks what is the Stand By Me program? Monroe says it’s behavioral health. Lots of discussion – why is City spending $30K every year? Why is this a permanent fixture? Younger points out that having a security guard at SA means BPD doesn’t have to visit the SA to break up fights, etc. Moved to General Business where presentation from PCHS is expected.

7. 2022 Tourism Promotion Services Agreements with the Bremerton Historic Ships Association, Washington State Science & Engineering Fair, Downtown Bremerton Association, and Bremerton Chamber of Commerce

Lodging Advisory recommendations (Nov 2021, Goodnow presented) made flesh. Moved to General Business to promote businesses and events.

8. Ordinance amending Ordinance No. 5408 establishing the City of Bremerton’s Fiscal Year 2021 Budget as amended by Ordinance No. 5424

Karen Wikle, Finance, presents. This is housekeeping – reconciliation between estimated and actual expenses, final total $216 million plus. Simpson wants to move to General Business. Younger asks why. Simpson says he’ll submit his questions via email. Moved to General Business.

9. Resolution to ratify the 2021 Amendments to the Kitsap Countywide Planning Policies

Andrea Spencer presents. Why? Many layers to growth management in Kitsap: GMA requires multi-county planning commissions (Kitsap Regional Planning). In Oct 2020, Vision 2050 was adopted, which means all the multi-county planning commissions have to bring their findings etc. to Vision 2050. This month, KRCC has to present to State. Changes are minor: language, e.g., Bremerton is a Center of Growth, not a Metropolitan City. Another minor change [sicl] is the inclusion of climate crisis and social & racial equity & strategies to mitigate development displacement (this last discussed, briefly, on 10/20/2021, Garrett Jackson presented). Council used to have both Daugs & Wheat on KRCC, no replacement yet for Wheat. Dennehy delivers gracious laudatory speech about how many things Councilor Wheat found time for, all to make sure the people’s voice was heard. Back to options – Council can’t amend: they can approve or reject. If they reject, pretty freaking likely that KRCC will note the Council’s displeasure. Younger wants more detailed report on changes. Spencer says she’ll see what her staff can do before next week’s meeting. Given her statement about what would happen if Council objected, can’t see staff leaping to attention & pulling overnights. Moved to General Business.

10. State of Washington Department of Commerce Local & Community Projects Grant Agreement for the Kitsap Lake Park Renovation Project

Jeff Elevado presents – Staff found a no-match (all free!) grant for a playground at Kitsap Lake. It’s a pretty nice playground. Moved to General Business to promote how great Parks staff work was.

11. State of Washington Department of Commerce Local & Community Projects Grant Agreement for the Pendergast Regional Park Improvement Project

Jeff presents again. $$ didn’t come through from grant. This is for artificial turf to protect the two soccer fields at Pendergast. And some other stuff. Younger asks is there any return on this investment? Jeff says it’s for youth soccer groups. Here in PNW too much rain to support grass, it just melts away when played on. [Why can’t they play inside? They have a whole freaking stadium there, for crying out loud.]  Younger says well, it’s Pendergast, so it might help our hotels that are far from downtown. Daugs moves it to General Business. Mayor comments on economic study on impacts of full buildout. Moved to General Business.

12. Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix, Inc. for the Kitsap Lake Stormwater Treatment Retrofit Project

Gunnar Fridriksson presents. They’ll use DOE grant for 90% to treat stormwater before it enters lake (currently multiple untreated entry points). Consultant contract $153K, DOE covers $93,750. Will seek construction funding “in the next biennial” Gorman thinks this is great. Younger suggests Consent as it’s just design $$, will be presented to public once we find the funding. Moved to Consent Agenda, unanimously.

13. Contract Modification Agreement No. 2 with Herrera Environmental Consultants for the Pine Road Sub-Basin Stormwater Improvements Project

Looking to go out next year, Gunnar says. Great graphics of 2’+ flooding along Pine Road Basin. Plan is to run pipe along Eagle Ave., and the road is in such poor shape that a full roadway design is needed. Sidewalk & ADA improvements will be made on Robin Ave., which lures peds down 150 feet only to suddenly dead end. Cost is $161,782.

Daugs asks how will disruption to residents be mitigated? Gunnar says lots of outreach. Daugs says there are many kids around there, so must exert utmost caution. Others weigh in to say how necessary this is, and how good this project is. Grumbling about how long this process is taking, Ned Lever says Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps)

14. Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix, Inc. for the Decommission Beach Sewer in Manette (OF-4 to EB-2) Project

Bill Davis presents. It’s almost 6:30pm. I weedwhacked and dug blackberry for hours today. Even with ibuprofen, I’m hungry and cranky and tired at this point. Spyglass Apartments come up, as Daugs want to make sure aren’t impacted. Basically, it seems like they put in sewer on the cheap & now City has to make it right. This is a design project. Younger says he thinks sewer pump stations are bad, very bad, not good. “The sight of one of these pump stations is not that appealing.” He doesn’t like the stink, either. Wants to know what it would cost to bury it. Davis says the only above-ground part will be a panel. Younger wants it to be buried. Buried! Buried! Ned Lever recommends against placing electronics underground. On account of water is bad for electronics, and pump stations do flood.

15. Ordinance to amend Chapter 17.60 of the Bremerton Municipal Code entitled “Floodplain Management”

Housekeeping. No one on Council thinks anything to do with floodplains could be more than that. Actually, it’s a requirement that new garage construction allow floodwater to move in and out freely. But no one thinks that is more than a dumb government directive. Pointless. Moved to Consent Agenda, unanimously.


o Racial Equity Advisory Committee Monthly Briefing – Vice Chair Michael Goodnow

12/9 meeting will interview all applicants for 2 vacancies.

o Public Works Committee Monthly Briefing – Chair Eric Younger

“Christmas Week” [I didn’t know this was a thing!] cancellation mentioned.

o Audit Committee Monthly Briefing – Chair Leslie Daugs

Christmas Week meeting cancelled. I guess this is a thing.

o Other General Council Business

Farewells said.

C. ADJOURNMENT OF STUDY SESSION and so it came to an end at 6:55pm

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