Campaign Update 14 Jan 2022

Good news! Election season has definitely begun — first of my signs was stolen.
If you have a sign, please put it up. If you want a sign, email me & I’ll install.
Ballots will drop Jan 21st. I’m asking you to talk to neighbors, remind them there’s an election & this one actually counts. Also, I seek volunteers to attach mail labels & stamps to postcards next weekend, January 22-23rd. Critique of my social media would be VERY helpful, too.

We’re all exhausted. Why should people vote for me? Here’s why:

Vote for Anna Mockler for City Council on Feb 8th. This is our chance to have a real voice for District Six on Council. A voice for safe streets, affordable housing, responsive government. Someone who’ll speak up for living wage jobs — employees, not contractors — in a sustainable city. Who will advocate fiercely for the City to respect human dignity at every level. Vote for real representation on Feb 8th. Vote for Anna Mockler.

Special Election Feb 8th. Same Candidates, Same Positions, New Election. 3 Votes Apart. Your Vote Matters. Thank you all for your support. Stay warm, dry, and healthy,

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