Your ballot has arrived! Vote for the Mockler of your choice (lol)!

Seriously, I’ve been very heartened by the many people who want to vote for a Councilor who will get things done for our district. People are glad that 13th & Wycoff will become a 4-way stop. They want me to work for safe streets. Mothers want to walk their kids to the park. Workers want a safe walk to the bus stop. We want government that works for us. Pendleton Place, the 71 units of supportive housing nearing completion by the cemetery off Kitsap Way, is very popular. The second mental health Navigator recently added to BPD is quite welcome. District Six is realistic. We know the money’s going to get spent. We want — and deserve — our fair share of the pie. That’s what I’m working for.

Remind your neighbors to vote. Election Day voter registration is available at Marvin Williams Rec Ctr on Park Ave. We were three votes apart at the final recount. Your vote matters!

Campaign Update 25 Jan 2022

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