2 February 2022 City Council General – 5:30-6:04pm; a very short meeting

Short meeting with only one general business item, replacing old used equipment at Gold Mtn Golf Course with newer used equipment from a pool where wealthier municipalities toss their outmoded equipment. It’s Bremerton. We know how to fix old, honest, metal machines. We scoff at the rich know-nothings who’ll toss a mower for scrap just to own the newest, shiniest stuff. Don’t know if that’s what’s truly happening, but that’s how it felt, watching all these older white men square their shoulders and express disdain for equip’t canopies that would shade workers in summer, etc.

Chamberlin came out strong as an advocate for the people, making it clear to the public that the $$ for this equipment comes from a dedicated fund fueled by golf course revenue, that can be spent on the golf course only. She lionized Lions Park. Coughlin presented half of his 10-slide graphic breakdown of the concerns of 742 voters in his district, but then he hit the 5-minute mark. Dennehy wants to learn his constituents’ concerns, too, so he is holding another Town Hall 2/27. Younger had no report. Goodnow mentioned Charleston District cleanup in April.

Existential question: Post-budget meetings are short. Then meetings get longer as the summer waxes, many asks from Public Works for contract & funding approval. Then budget approval is late summer through early fall, more long meetings. Is there a way to even out Council meeting length?


Open House for 11th & Perry Project, 3/1, 5-7pm.


Jeff Campbell, affordable housing & homelessness are still huge. Hoping that this will be a top issue for Council Retreat. I mention that Chris Mottner of Public Works, and Dir Jeff Elevado of Parks, both recently presented proposals to purchase replacement equipment. On both occasions, members of Council asked if more efficient or even non-fossil-fuel equipment had been included. Is there any directive that requires or incentivizes the purchase of equipment powered by sustainable sources? If not, would Council consider placing such directive? Goodnow says Public Recognition is not a Q&A, but refers to Mayor, who says this is a very appropriate topic for Council Retreat. It would be expensive & City would be starting from scratch. Ki’aha Long – why doesn’t downtown Bremerton have a gas station? Goodnow responds that there’s an extensive process for getting a business license, especially for a gas station.


A. Claims & Check Register

B. Minutes of Meeting – January 19, 2022

C. Minutes of Meeting – January 26, 2022

D. Resolution No. 3344 repealing Resolution No. 3315; and adopting new Bremerton City Council Rules & Procedures (to add the Public Safety Committee)

Approved unanimously.


A. Purchase of Replacement Equipment from Turf Star Western and Pacific Golf &Turf for Gold Mountain Golf Course

Dir Elevado presents. Daryl Metheny, Gold Mtn General Mgr, and Abel Anderson, Greens Superintendent. Elevado repeats his study session presentation. Basically, there’s $1.8M available from 10 years of no major spending from the Enterprise Fund. The golf course revenues fill the Enterprise Fund, which can only be spent on the golf course. They plan to spend $512K, an after-tax figure, on buying newer used equipment. Simpson explains where the money comes from, what it’ll be spent on, what a good idea it is. Chamberlin elicits another explanation of the Reserve Fund. She wants it to more closely involve the community. There’s a First Tee program that brings kids onto the golf course. Dennehy & Coughlin have no questions. Goodnow asks one question: What % of equipment fleet is represented by this purchase? Anderson says it’s about 30% of the fleet. Motion carries unanimously.


Chamberlin encourages people to keep masking because it limits the spread. Little lauding of Lions Park, looks forward to improvements like new tennis court surface & pickleball is coming. Coughlin has 10 slides of feedback from 742 voter comments. He reads each slide aloud with additional comments. He says these slides are available online [where? Where?] Goodnow cuts him off only part way through because he hit 5 mins. Dennehy: trying to gain insight into what his constituents want, so he’s holding a Town Hall 2/27. Simpson: One thing that’s come forward is SB 5919, giving police the ability to enforce the laws again. He mentions the illegal chop shop at the corner of 13th & Callow, which he’s referred to the DC (?). Younger has no report. Goodnow: Charleston District is having a clean-up on 4/23, 9-1pm. Faye Flemister is organizing it, 360.355.8122.

7. ADJOURNMENT OF CITY COUNCIL BUSINESS MEETING and so it came to an end at 6:04pm.

8. EXEMPT CLOSED SESSION (to be held 2/9? It wasn’t clear)

For an update on Labor Negotiations as allowed under RCW 42.30.140 (4) (b)

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