16 March 2022 General Meeting – 5:30-7:55 – The Outpouring of Community Support for Leslie Daugs. We will miss her sorely.

Oh, and Public Hearing on changing MFTE to get truly affordable housing. Many people spoke. Most were in favor – even Realtors Assoc! – and several spoke of wanting even stronger measures to secure affordable housing. Sound West said the exact words Jane Rebelowski predicted developers would say: adding more housing drives rent down. Jane (in her testimony) had challenged Council to provide even ONE instance of a city where that was true. No one could do that.

About 40% of all Bremerton households make less than $35K. Think on that. We have about 16% disabled in our town, I’ve been told.  Higher than the national average for cities our size. We need roofs overhead for all of us.

The soccer facility at Pendergast may be sold. Everyone who spoke lauded Tim Duffy and Keegan.

2. MAYOR’S REPORT Quincy Sq on track, fully funded. Kitsap Lake cleanup so successful it’s a model. Recently featured in WA Lake (Protection? Preservation?) Association magazine. This is a real magazine: walpa.org. CDBG / HOME report open for public comment until 30 Mar on City’s website. Comments to Sarah.Achauoi@ci.bremerton.wa.us. He thanks VP Daugs for her years of service. He will miss her.


Lori Wheat thanks Daugs for her service, her commitment, her lead in forming REAC. To honor Daugs’ legacy, Council should work together to counter systemic racism and feminism. And to further honor her legacy, appoint a person who reflects what her constituents want – a progressive woman of color who puts people first. Darryl Daugs thanks Leslie Daugs for her many years of service, reads a letter from State Treasurer Pelliccietti praising Leslie. Clarence Moriwaki of Bainbridge City Council, speaking for his colleagues, thanks Leslie for all her service, and for himself for her friendship. She sets an example of what happens when fearful governments stifle criticism. Hannie Baxter on behalf of Kitsap Dems thanks Leslie Daugs for her years of service, her tireless advocacy for Bremerton children and neighborhoods. Kurt Wiest, former dir., BHA, expresses his sincere appreciation of Leslie. He had no greater friend on Council than she. She challenged, asked, investigated BHA. Susan Brooks-Young thanks Leslie for her openness & support. Joe Roszak just jumped on to thank Daugs for her leadership, compassion, advocacy for the voiceless & most vulnerable. Joe Deets, Bainbridge Mayor, so sorry to see Leslie go. Acknowledges her dedication and hard work. Worked with her on Kitsap Transit Board. Thanks her for her service. Sheelan Abdullah, recognizes Councilwoman Daugs for showing genuine love & dedication. “You’ve been a strong advocate for equity and diversity. You’ve sat with your community members with the sincere heart listening to their concerns and needs. You, councilwoman Leslie Daugs, embody what it means to be a member of the Council and inspiration to all of us. The Council surely will not be the same without you, and we all miss you very much. blessings to you on your next endeavors.” Darryl Riley Start Transcript: “I’m sorry you had to experience some of that passive aggressive behavior because that’s bullying is with, you know. But we don’t want to talk about that you know for years I’ve watched this council be a place of toxicity, you know, on unreflective other community. You know, not able to have simple decent conversations with one another about the needs of the community, and we got to get in these meetings and do a lot of grandstanding. It’s a sad day it’s more sadly that ain’t nobody else. They’re sending them. spaces. Speaking of everyone who spoke before me has shown and spoke about your true leadership. So, as obviously somebody don’t know where we your leadership is. You know, so I support you I just love you I appreciate you I didn’t have none prepared It’s a lot more I really want to say. But i’m gonna let you have this space, and let us just show you all love and appreciation and affection we have for you. We know who the real leaders are, sometimes that person ain’t the person in charge.” End Transcript Alejandra Pulido speaks up for Leslie’s leadership, guidance. Mark Koontz, former asst atty, City of Bremerton, lauds Leslie’s passion for her constituents, her penchant for asking tough questions. State Sen. Rolfes honors Leslie’s service. Rusty Grable, IAM, thanks Leslie for her service and for being a true fighter and advocate for the people. Craig Patti, Firefighters Union, hopes the Council can find an adequate replacement. Tessa Bolosan, Filipino-American, says that representation really does matter – especially for high school girls, seeing “someone who looks like us” as a public official really made a difference. Dana Coggon, former Noxious Weeds coordinator, grateful to Leslie for her leadership. Heather Pauley, Kitsap PUD, thanks Leslie for her mentorship as she ran for that position. Leslie fought for low income housing. Dr Karen Bolton, appalled that once again a woman and person of color’s leadership skills were challenged. Thanks and appreciation to Leslie. Airen Lydick speaks about how elected officials rarely have the ability to understand the system status quo. He speaks some more. Jen Stayrook thanks VP Daugs for her service. She’s a little surprised that more of the Council isn’t more outraged by the things that have happened to Leslie. She’s learned from Leslie that it’s ok to take up space, to open your mouth and say what you’re thinking and feeling. Marwan Cameron, The Conduit, addresses all the other members of the Council. “Understanding the circumstances she cited that led her to step down has awoken something in me. We have to get involved.” Mary, Makah Tribe, thanks Leslie for her participation in Steering Committee of Racial Equity Empowerment Fund, and others. Grateful to know Leslie, she feels healthier when she is near. Mike Benefiel thanks Leslie for her service; she’s been an inspiration to all of us for many many years. Akuyea Karen Vargas commends Leslie for years of service to community, to school districts, to living life leadership, ERACE, more – to make equity an important issue here in our State. “You’ve modeled for us all what equity means”. State Sen. Emily Randall also feels inspired by Leslie’s leadership. Has watched her work tirelessly to advocate for working families. Knows that she won’t stop serving! Cristina Roark, Kitsap Strong, is sure that Leslie’s work will continue in the community. She, too, is Filipina, and was raised to not make waves, but Leslie showed her how to stand up. Pres Goodnow asks Leslie if she wants to take a moment to respond to this outpouring; she declines.

PamAlonia McCrary voices her deep concern that she’s not being offered sufficient ADA accommodation while the Price Rd culvert is replaced. Cautions the Council that civil actions are possible if City doesn’t provide acceptable pedestrian access.


A. Claims & Check Register

B. Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2022

C. Minutes of Study Session – March 9, 2022

D. Purchase of 2022 Replacement Vehicles (Order No. 2)

E. City of Bremerton and the Suquamish Tribe for the Gorst Creek Hatchery Area

F. Goods and Services Agreement with ADT Commercial for Fire/Security Alarm Systems, Fire Suppression Systems; and Alarm Monitoring, Maintenance and Testing

G. Contract with Pape & Sons Construction, Inc. for Oyster Bay Avenue Force Main Replacement Project; and related Budget Amendment

H. Public Works Agreement with Vet Industrial, Inc. for the 2022 Sewer Pipe Repairs – Various Locations Project

Approved unanimously.


A. Public Hearing (1st of 2) on the 2nd Amendment to the Concession Agreement with Olympic Soccer & Sports Center, LLC (To receive public comment only; No action by Council until the 2nd Public Hearing on April 6, 2022…)

Presenter, Jeff Elevado. This is a straight-up change of ownership. No other changes. Public comment – Jen Stayrook talks about Tim Duffy’s penchant for planning, both in road trips and DJ-ing. Also true of Keegan. Both incredibly smart about the business side, doesn’t think anyone could better run this facility. Chase LeFors has been friends with Tim and Keegan for a while, loves the facility, managed it for a while, believes both of them together will be a great addition. Allison Molnar, native Bremertonian, says the soccer center needs new blood, a fresh modern outlook, lauds Tim and Keegan.

B. Public Hearing on Ordinance No. 5447 amending Chapter 3.78 of the Bremerton Municipal Code (BMC) entitled “Multifamily Property Tax Exemption” (To receive public comment only…)

Garrett Jackson presents. This is just an opportunity to receive public feedback. All of his PowerPoint slides are available in the Packet. Some highlights: Now, 8year MFTE for market rate apts., 12-year MFTE 20% affordable to low- AND to moderate-income households. New state legislation (July 2021) creates an add’l 20-yr extension. Also requires developer to provide displacement services – first & last month’s rent, 12 months notice, moving costs. Asks is the MFTE’s purpose to stimulate new construction or focus on affordable housing. Discusses differences between data sets: HUD MSA tool vs. US Census. Notes that Bremerton incomes are 70% of Kitsap incomes. Currently, single-person households who make ~$75K qualify as moderate income, $52K is low-income. 60% of AMI =$39,540 for that single person would qualify as low-income. About 40% of all Bremerton households make <$35K. The 2019 JLARC Report says it’s unclear how often MFTE incentivizes projects that would not otherwise be built. The Report is inconclusive whether tax liability is shifted, so the change will >> public benefit. Questions for the Public Hearing & next steps Should code be updated to include changes to State law? Should current MFTE admin practices be added to the municipal code? Should modification to current code income reqts be made to 12-year program? Should the purpose of the MFTE program change from stimulating new construction to focusing on affordable housing? Is it the right time to eliminate the 8-year MFTE?

James Clough, KCAR (realtors): supports amending the MFTE with these changes. Let’s make living in Bremerton a more attainable goal. Jane Rebelowski is thrilled that this is finally coming up for public discussion. Taxes would be lower for everybody if these properties paid their property taxes. Supports the amendments! Great to have housing affordable for low-income people. A kid who graduates from Bremerton HS will have a very tough time finding a place to rent. Our kids are leaving town because they can’t find anyplace to rent that they can afford. Developers will tell you that increased supply lowers rents. She asks ANY member of Council to cite even ONE place where this has happened. Dan Herron works in education and social services – many people can’t afford housing. Strongly supports. Jeff Campbell speaks. Likes the changes, wishes City would do more. Sound West’s Marianne Weber says simply increasing supply will drive down rents. She’s against sprawl. She considers the figures presented for low-income as meaning one of those 3-story woody walk-ups. She says Sound West used to be able to build a housing unit for $250K, now it’s $400K. Garage stalls are very expensive and they have to be included. The 12-year MFTE can work with smaller projects, small units, surface level parking, no elevator. No further Public Comment.


Eric Younger, #7, also wants to laud Chance Berthiaume’s appearance in the WA Lake magazine. Listened to all the comments re Leslie. He too was shocked and surprised by Daugs’s resignation. Lauds her passionate, zealous advocacy while she was on Council. Wishes her good luck. I cite Jerri Eckmann’s litter crew, Beautify Bremerton; Toni Yuly’s reading at Ballast Books on 4/1; Asian Market’s expansion; PW’s multi-stripe de-icing on all kinds of roads in Feb & March when temps were super low, which really worked. Again, so sad that Leslie is leaving. Jeff Coughlin shows photos of new bike racks by ferries, Quincy Sq, thanks Leslie for her service, notes that he’s LGBTQ, his partner & child are BIPOC. Leslie says she ran to represent kids, families, and neighborhoods. Wanted life to come back to boarded-up businesses along Wheaton Way. Always reached out to both sides, both POVs, to make sure her votes truly reflected her district. Has been a voice for the community right along. Has fought for public transit, lobbied for $$ at Olympia. Urges female colleagues not to sit quietly. Jennifer Chamberlin honors the family and friends of Jessica Leggett, who suicided in her car. Shows photo of Leslie and KIAC sign, in march across Manette Bridge. Promises she will NOT sit quietly. Goodnow notes Forest Ridge clean-up. Reads text of a plaque? Certificate? Honoring Leslie’s service from 1/1/2012 to 3/18/2022.

7. EXECUTIVE SESSION A. 15-Minutes to discuss Current/Potential Litigation as allowed under RCW 42.30.110(1)(i) No Council action is anticipated…

8. ADJOURNMENT OF CITY COUNCIL BUSINESS MEETING and so it came to an end at 7:55pm.

One thought on “16 March 2022 General Meeting – 5:30-7:55 – The Outpouring of Community Support for Leslie Daugs. We will miss her sorely.

  1. I cannot wait for face to face meetings again! It is so much easier To see who is squirming. I hope the Councilmembers who sidestepped Ms Daugs were paying attention last night, obviously the community is not on their side. Next election cycle should be interesting


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