I’m Anna Mockler, and I’m running for Bremerton City Council District Six. My platform is based on your hopes and concerns as you spoke to me on your doorsteps. The short version of my platform is on the Campaign page; the long version is on the Issues page.

This page is a forum for courteous discussion, comments, questions, concerns. I’ll check it every evening and respond.

13 thoughts on “Forum

  1. Just got my ballot & I saw your name. I was unaware of the issue of Simpson’s removal for absence in Japan, & the errant ballots.
    I’m wondering if I could rent an airplane to skywrite, “Does your boss allow you to take off to Japan for a month to work your ‘other’ job?”
    Good Luck, Anna. You’ve got my vote.


  2. Anna, turning the NSAC (I didn’t know they had congregations this far West) into a pea patch would be fitting, as long as it has sunflowers in it. Any expansion would be a good thing. As we have so many new residents from Mexico and elsewhere, a few indigenous gardening plots would be a great addition to the city. You will have my vote.


    • Gordon, you’re talking about making Arvon Park into a p-patch. I too think that would be a great idea. Thanks for your vote & I’ll remember your support for Victory Gardens / Jardins de la Victoria when I’m on Council. Please, spread the word and remind your neighbors to register and VOTE by Feb 8th! We are three votes apart as of the final recount.


  3. Anna, did you win? We sure hope so. We agree with your ideas and thoughts. However, how can you be sure to help with lower income housing, and better wage jobs for larger families? How can you be sure about safer neighborhoods? We support you, but want to know exactly what it is that we are supporting.


    • Thank you for your support! I am one vote behind as of 11/8 at 5pm. The Kitsap Auditor has said there will be a re-election if the margin between us is less than 37 votes. That seems increasingly likely.
      For your second question, I refer you to the Issues page of this blog — that’s where I’ve done my best to articulate practical, common-sense solutions. For example, to reduce use of very expensive contractors, and replace them with employees at 1/3 the cost — per Thomas Knuckey, head of Dept of Public Works — I’d work closely with department heads and middle managers to formulate specific asks for specific employee positions. It’s my understanding that Public Works has a cost-benefit analysis already in the works. So this issue is one of abandoning the old mind-set on Council that employees are bad, deadwood, venal, too costly, for a more realistic mind-set that employees are less expensive, build institutional memory, and much likelier to be loyal. Not ALL Council members prefer contractors to employees, by any means! But it has been the majority view for quite a long time.


  4. Anna, as a citizen of District 6, I support your campaign for city council wholeheartedly and was disappointed to see you lose in 2019. What changes will you make to your campaign this time to ensure that you will unseat the current member of District 6 in this unprecedented half-term rematch? The current member of District 6 is, in my opinion, at best, an irresponsible, ignorant, carpetbagging gadfly. Thank you!

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    • Thank you for your support — I too was disappointed. It’s tough to doorbell in a pandemic, so I’m increasing social media presence, fund-raising for costs of mailing flyers, and NOT taking August off as I did in 2019. Basically, I keep working on issues useful to the community, like getting Public Recognition moved back to the top of the City Council agenda, making 13th & Wycoff a 4-way stop, making sure Lulu Haddon Park is safe for all, attending meetings for the Callow Ave revival, etc. If you have any other suggestions, please make them!


    • Yes, Arvon Park is a weird one. The story I keep hearing — from friends, neighbors, and Parks Dept — is that it was given to the City by a spiritualist church and the constraints on using it are huge. One friend who lives on Bloomington tried to use it for community gardens, over a decade ago, and that couldn’t happen. Why they installed a playground that is quietly deteriorating behind a fence, I couldn’t tell you.
      District Six totally needs more parks. Even a pocket park like Arvon would be a great add.
      Did that answer your question?


  5. I like your suggestion. The issue isn’t snarling traffic. The issue is possible accidents since too many drivers turning left onto Warren from 13th (from the west) ignore the right of way of drivers for going straight across on 13th from east to west.


  6. I am concerned about the intersection of 13th and Warren Avenue. Too many people who turn left onto Warren Avenue ignore the right of way for those drivers staying straight on 13th.


    • You’re talking about 13th west of Warren, yes? Let’s try the low-tech solution first. Let’s get those two lanes clearly edged with street paint, arrows in the middle of each one: Left-turn and straight ahead/right-turn. That works elsewhere in the City. You can use the Bremerton1 app; you can call DPW; you can email the Mayor. I’ve never had trouble at 13th and Warren, so I can’t describe how traffic snarls there.


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