MOCKLER4BREMERTON6 — I’m Anna Mockler. I’m running for Bremerton City Council District Six. I will be the advocate of a hard-working district. I’ve knocked on the doors of many neighbors. We want similar things. We want our children to have better lives than ours. We want to live peacefully in our homes. We want power over our lives. I will work to improve Bremerton’s quality of life for all of us with:

  • Good government – transparent and representative;
  • Safe streets and strong communities;
  • Affordable housing;
  • Living-wage jobs in a sustainable city;
  • Respect for human rights and human dignity.

We want Bremerton to be a great place to raise a family, where kids can walk to school or bus. Safe, sustainable, forward-looking. I’ve been attending City Council meetings for years. I can do this detail-oriented service job. I’ve been an insulation contractor, a union printer, a wetland scientist, a professor of Writing and Critical Thinking. When I returned to the Pacific Northwest after my mother passed, I found Bremerton, by the sea where you can hear the seals bark, under tall cedars and Doug firs, a real place with real people with real concerns. This is my forever home.

I’ve been posting a blog of Council meetings for a good while now (see City Council page). When District Six’s seat came on the ballot for the 2021 election, I decided to run again because our District deserves better representation. It will be an honor to speak for you.

I’ll be your eyes and ears at City Council. I’ll listen to your concerns and report back to you every month. I ask for your vote to represent District Six at City Hall.