14 July 2021 City Council Study Session – Happy Bastille Day!

14 July 2021 City Council Study Session – Happy Bastille Day! Downtown Library can’t find a buyer for $1.00. City on the hook for complete HVAC revamp. New traffic signals & painted bike lanes for Kitsap Way & Warren/Wheaton -- pedestrian refuges at 2 wide locations (11&Kitsap, Brother Don’s) planned, drawing outrage from Simpson who’s … Continue reading 14 July 2021 City Council Study Session – Happy Bastille Day!

City Council 24 March 2021

Warren Ave Bridge proposed redesign (one wide side for all non-motorized, Dianne Iverson proposer) championed by Younger; police body cams contract proposed by Capt Wolfe, a strong advocate; major culvert repair imperative for McDougal Creek / Wheaton Way; review of 3 add'l FTEs for Permitting Development & Inspection. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24, 2021 MINUTES by Anna … Continue reading City Council 24 March 2021

City Council 10 March 2021

Kitsap Sheriff' Dept abruptly withdrew from their long-term contracts to provide security to Bremerton Municipal Court, and other nearby municipal courts, new contractor proposed, unarmed. Additional hires sorely needed by DCD and DPW to process unprecedented surge in building permit applications, to be funded by corresponding surge in permit fees (see Mayor's Report, 3 March … Continue reading City Council 10 March 2021

Council Retreat, 30 Jan 2021

Emphasis on sidewalks, streets, bikes, parks. Affordable housing programs working & funded, tiny house permits to be studied. Economic development goals are 4 specific projects & look for ways to help small businesses. Kitsap Lake clean-up working. But -- We are no longer seeking environmental stewardship opportunities, as no Councilor could think of any specifics. … Continue reading Council Retreat, 30 Jan 2021

City Council 20 Jan 21 – Happy Inauguration Day!

Approved with funding: Rental Assistance w/ BHA 2020/2021; Normal building code triennial update (every 3 years); Gorst Coalition MOU; Home Weatherization & Repair w. KCR. Simpson the only voice of reason in this Council (a prophet crying in the wilderness reference?) Seems that Council will start next General Meeting with KPHD Covid update, a brief … Continue reading City Council 20 Jan 21 – Happy Inauguration Day!